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Individual Petty Cash Fundraiser
Photos by stoneth / tom stone

At what point do you look away?!  

Our youth are dying on the street, while we continue to look through the narrow part of our window shades.  We are simply asking you to close the shade and walk through the front door.  Meet us on the other side of the door, help us build a dream of hopefulness; we promise you won't be disappointed; you may even become proud enough to pull your window shade up.

We are of the belief that a lot of small bricks can build a big building.  We are asking you to give us one $15 brick (or more) and watch us build a building with it.  August 23, 2010, we will unveil what we have raised, who has helped us raise it and the building we will build with it.  Show you care and be apart of history all in one night.

On August 25, 2007 we brought a group together at the Tallgrass Country Club (click here for photos at Tallgrass) and revealed our heart for our homeless population.  We promised all that attended to hear our hearts that we would return in one year to show how much we care, with our effort, time and money.  We are simply asking you to be apart of the dream, soon to become reality!  

I read an article in the Wichita eagle that had me thinking about what we could accomplish, if we put just as much effort into our youth, take a look:

From the Wichita Eagle Sunday, August 26, 2007


Meat of the article reads:  It says that thousands of adoptable pets could be saved if a proposed $15.8 million shelter complex a partnership between the Humane Society and the city gets funded and approved.

My question:  Are we willing to do the same for our youth?

You are free to add as many bricks as you can, just by increasing the qty (1 = 15,  2 = 30, etc.).  Your gift is life saving!  

You May send your donation of any amount to:

Team Outreach Homeward Bound, Inc.
3337 E. Central Ave
Suite 107-315
Wichita, KS 67208