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Program and Services
One of our goals is to encourage youth to work out their problems.  To provide crisis intervention to help families within the "living environment", if possible or outside the living environment.

Residential Transitional Living Program

Our residential transitional living portion of the program provides for youth 13-18 for up to 15 days of intake and 18 months of shelter, information and counseling in basic life skills to promote transition to self-sufficiency and prevent long-term dependency on social services.

Housing Rehabilitation Project

Our housing rehabilitation project consist of completely rehabilitating a vacant, dilapidated house in order to provide temporary shelter for runaway and homeless youth that have transitioned from our Residential Transitional Living Program on their way to self-sufficiency. This program is for 18.5 to 21 years of age.

Outreach Prevention Project

As part of our prevention program we plan throughout the year to put together a variety of school and community-based projects including: Date rape prevention, domestic violence prevention, enrichment for parents, self-esteem, teen theater, and drug and alcohol prevention.

To find out more about the above programs or just to find out what you can do to help, click here.

Leadership / Teamwork Project
Team Outreach Blazers
Team Rules
Volunteer Application

We understand that young adolescents, go through specific stages in their lives and that each stage is unique within each age group.  We understand that our major role is to providing support and encouragement, we know it is essential to praise the process over the event, while at the same time teaching them the importance of being competitive.  Most of all; always keep in mind the life lessons inherent through teamwork.  This is a community based program; an integration of diversity among adolescents.

The 13-15-year-old adolescents
Focus on:
Adolescents moving away from parental approval toward
peer approval
Hormonal, biochemical, and attitude changes of puberty

The 16-18-year-old adolescents
Focus on:
Parent role in providing support and freedom as adolescent matures into
young adult
Need to remain competitive

To become a 2007/2008 volunteer for the Leadership / Teamwork Project, please send information email to clee@teamoutreach.net